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2023 Fellows' Retreat: Ending the year with the future.

8 Jan 2024 9:37 PM | Cristopher Guidry (Administrator)

CiLi's business retreat took place at Holy Cross on December 18th & 19th of 2023. This marked the beginning of an exciting journey for its new fellows, as they gear up for lucrative opportunities in the Louisiana job market. The fellowship program aims to empower college students in the state, providing them with career coaching and internship access throughout their academic journey.

From the get-go, the retreat was a whirlwind of invaluable information and resources curated by our team. The two-day event left no stone unturned, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for the dynamic local job landscape.

The agenda was as diverse as a gumbo pot, covering topics like Interview skills, Resume building, Workplace etiquette, LinkedIn Networking, Time management, and more! The resume prep session included headshot sessions, insights into employer expectations, and one-on-one discussions with seasoned professionals, all aimed at equipping students with the tools they need to shine in job applications.


Principles of attire went beyond the basics, delving into the nuances of circumstantial dressing. Understanding how to present oneself in different situations is as essential as knowing what vegetables go with crawfish, and our fellows got the recipe for success.

Self-assessment principles took center stage, with predictive index testing and in-depth discussions on individual results. This not only helped students identify their strengths and weaknesses but also provided insights into how they fit into a team—a crucial aspect of success in any work environment.


The retreat's second day kicked off with a hearty breakfast, setting the tone for a deep dive into CiLi's systems and monthly processes. This rundown ensures that the new fellows are well-acquainted with what to expect as proud members of the CiLi program.


As we reflect on the retreat, it is filled with the promise of a prosperous future. As we move into the new year, CiLi gives thanks for the opportunity to guide these students toward success in the Louisiana job market.

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