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Why Should I Have a Mentor?

Why Should I Have A Mentor?

The "Why Should I Have A Mentor?" webinar is for college students who are actively enrolled in and pursuing a college degree. Students who attend will learn: we will share research on the impact of mentoring on the mentee, describe mentoring types, discuss mentors vs. coaches, and how to determine if my mentor is NOT good for me

YOU Are the CEO of Your Own Career

Professional Branding Best Practices

YOU Are the CEO of Your Own Career!

In this webinar, you will receive practical tips on how to manage your own professional development. Learn from HR professional and author of “The Company Doesn't Love You”, Charles Jones, on how to advance in your career path. This webinar will cover topics like: maintaining an updated resumecareer progressionbuilding your networkunderstanding the impact of the company, and competencies for advancement.

Professional Branding Best Practices

This is a Tenth Institute webinar to educate college students on how to effectively brand themselves. Students will learn: what is branding?, personal vs. professional, personal branding dos and don'ts, and steps to building a professional brand

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