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  • 25 Jun 2021 1:03 PM | Charique Richardson (Administrator)


    Tenth Institute Internship Program seeks to increase employment prospects by providing internship opportunities

    June 22, 2021—The City of New Orleans, JOB1 Office of Workforce Development and Corporate Internship Leadership Institute (CILI) are proud to announce its first cohort of college students who will be a part of the Tenth Institute Internship Program. The partnership between the City and CILI will provide minority college students with internship opportunities that will help them gain valuable and needed work experience to ensure better career outcomes post-graduation. 

    “We were noticing that an alarming number of minority students were graduating from college but did not have prospective jobs already lined up,” said Perry Sholes, Founder and CEO of Corporate Internship Leadership Institute. “While most colleges offer career counseling, securing the job and/or internship opportunity can be difficult for students who are competing with so many others for very few positions.”

    Among minority groups, the Economic Policy Institute study found that Black workers with a college degree are more likely to be unemployed than similarly educated white workers (3.5% vs. 2.2%). The challenge for most minority college graduates is they do not have enough experience to get a job postgraduation.

    The Tenth Institute seeks to remove barriers by utilizing public-private partnerships connecting college juniors and seniors with paid internship opportunities. During the internships, employers provide relevant work experience to students to jump start their careers. The program also includes self-awareness coaching, leadership development, professional branding, and financial wellness training. Students submitted applications in spring 2021 and were selected to be a part of the program. Participants are currently enrolled in four-year college programs and will begin their internships with respective employers as early as June 7, 2021.

    “We must continue to seek and implement new ways to not only engage our youth and young adults, but we must also invest our time and human resources to ensure that they can live up to their full potential,” said Sunae Villavaso, Director of the Office of Workforce Development for the City of New Orleans. “We are committed to supplementing the career counseling services that are available on their college campuses, but we are also committing to work with our private sector to find those jobs in the areas where students are studying so that they can have the greatest chance for success.” 

    For additional information on the program, visit www.internshiptalent.org

    Media Contact:
    Bright Moments, LLC
    Geriease Hawkins

  • 5 Jan 2021 4:52 PM | Charique Richardson (Administrator)

    01/04/2021 by Site Staff

    NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Corporate Internship Leadership Institute (CILI) is now accepting applications from New Orleans college students of color to apply for its Tenth Institute Leadership Program. Tenth Institute is a core initiative of CILI and is designed to help Black and Brown students secure middle to high-wage job employment opportunities post graduation and, in turn, decrease under employment rates for students of color with college degrees.

    “Black and Brown people are still largely underemployed in New Orleans, including those that have earned a college degree,” said Perry Sholes, Founder and Executive Director of Corporate Internship Leadership Institute. “Tenth Institute is designed to address this issue by ensuring that New Orleans college students of color receive the skills necessary to attain middle to senior leadership positions after graduation by providing mentorship and leadership training throughout their collegiate matriculation.”

    Students selected to participate in the Tenth Institute Leadership Program will undergo a multi-year internship and professional development experience with participating companies and business executives from the region. Partnering companies will commit to providing paid internships for Tenth Institute members. Those members will also receive mentorship and coaching throughout the student’s time with the company.

    CILI is a newly established non-profit organization that’s on a mission to build a high-skilled and inclusive workforce in New Orleans. Tenth Institute, an initiative of CILI, will further this mission by developing the next generation of local Black and Brown professionals and community leaders.

    For more information about the Tenth Institute and Corporate Internship Leadership Institute, please visit www.internshiptalent.org/tenthinstitute.

    Source: New Orleans Magazine (https://www.myneworleans.com/applications-open-for-new-orleans-college-students-of-color-to-join-internship-program/)

  • 6 Nov 2020 8:17 PM | Charique Richardson (Administrator)

    By: Andrew Valenti, Reporter November 6, 2020

    A local businessman is developing a nonprofit organization to secure multiyear internships for Black college students in the New Orleans area.

    Perry Sholes, president of human resources firm Progressive HR Strategies, is launching the Corporate Internship Leadership Institute. The goal, Sholes said, is that these internships will turn into permanent employment opportunities for the students after college and in turn decrease underemployment rates for students of color.

    According to nonprofit think tank the Economic Policy Institute, Black workers are twice as likely to be unemployed as white workers overall (6.4% vs. 3.1%), and Black workers with a college degree are more likely to be unemployed than similarly educated white workers (3.5% vs. 2.2%). While employed, Black workers with a college or advanced degree are more likely than their white counterparts to be underemployed when it comes to their skill level. Almost 40% are in a job that typically does not require a college degree, compared with 31% of white college grads.

    Sholes said the idea has been in the works since late 2018, and the first cohort of interns is set to enter the program next summer.

    Home Bank has given verbal confirmation to be a community partner and has provided a monetary contribution to the organization. Sholes said he’s spoken to businesses in the tourism and hospitality, health care, manufacturing and information technology sectors about providing internship opportunities through the program.

    College Track has also committed to being a community partner.

    “While the tourism and hospitality industry is already well developed here, we’re really targeting other sectors that we think will transform the region so we’re less reliant on tourism and hospitality and more diverse,” he said.

    Sholes said he’s received interest from Dillard University, Tulane University, Loyola University and the University of New Orleans. There would also be a focus on students of color at technical colleges and New Orleans-area students who left the area.

    “The companies don’t all have to be in New Orleans,” he said. It’s really targeted for the region, so I’ve had conversations with companies in Houma, Covington and Mandeville.”

  • 22 Jul 2020 3:40 PM | Anonymous

    We are excited to announce that, thanks to funding and support from the TIAA Institute, we are embarking on a National Study on Black Student Loan Debt. This research, which will center on the voices of Black borrowers, will be done in partnership with Dr. Jalil Bishop of the University of Pennsylvania. The study will enable us to better understand the lived experiences of Black borrowers, so we can design policy solutions to address their needs.

    Link to Full Article and Study

  • 1 May 2020 8:31 PM | Anonymous

    How Internships Impact Employability and Salary

    Posted September 30, 2019 by Robin Porter

    It’s finally Fall, and with it come thoughts of cider mills, football games and cozy sweaters. And, of course, applying for next summer’s internship! If you’ve been putting it off or debating whether internships really matter in the big scheme of things, let us assure you, they do!

    In fact, one of the most basic factors separating students who find it relatively easy to land a well-paying job upon graduation from those who end up unemployed or underemployed is whether the students had internships or notand whether those were paid vs. unpaid internships. 

    Click Here for Full Article

  • 1 Feb 2020 12:09 AM | Anonymous

    From the Report - RACE

    RACE - While the region’s workforce is made up of 42% minorities, minorities only account for 32% of the jobs analyzed in this report. The overall racial makeup of the jobs in this report is as follows:

    • White – 68% * Black or African American – 25%
    • Hispanic or Latino – 3% 
    • Asian – 2% 
    • Two or More Races – 1% 
    • In fact, of all the occupations analyzed, only Licensed Practical Nurses, Tank Car, Truck, and Ship Loaders, and Clinical Lab Techs, have a higher minority participation rate than in the region’s economy as a whole. 

    Link to Full Report

  • 7 Jan 2020 11:58 PM | Anonymous

    A new study finds that 12.4 percent of black college graduates were unemployed. For all college graduates, the unemployment rate stood at just 5.6 percent.


    The Ivy-League-educated barista who can't find a job that pays enough to live anywhere besides her childhood bedroom. The freshly minted MBA and law school graduates strapped with debt and frustrated about the six-figure jobs and master-of-the-universe titles that haven't materialized. 

    Nearly five years after the Great Recession officially ended, the struggles and dampened expectations of young college graduates have become a fixture of American politics and even popular culture. But amid all the focus on the difficulties of college-educated millennials, one facet of this upheaval has remained largely unexplored: the continued significance of race.

    Link to Full Article

  • 6 Jan 2020 11:50 PM | Anonymous

    More New Orleans high school grads entering college, but racial disparities persist, report says

    • BY DELLA HASSELLE | dhasselle@theadvocate.com 
    • APR 18, 2019 - 2:30 PM

    And those who entered the workforce without getting a degree were likely to get very low-paying jobs, largely because Orleans Parish has an economy that is less diversified than other parts of the country and is dependent upon low-paying industries, researchers said.

    It also has lower job growth and higher unemployment rates. In all, that results in a lower median household income: $38,700 in 2017, compared to $57,700 nationally.

    Link to Full Article

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